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Indian Border Security Force (BSF) Stop killing Bangladeshi At The Border

Not! having a mobile phone,
torchlight and a thousand rupees as bribe
almost cost the life of a Bangladeshi who was caught
on camera while being tortured by Indian border guards.

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( The New Age, Bangladesh )
Human rights organization Odhikar in a fact-finding report it released in January said that India’s Border Security Force had breached the border agreement between Bangladesh and India by killing innocent girl Felani Khatun. The report, which interviewed the victim’s family, villagers, Border Guards Bangladesh soldiers, the police and physicians, recommended that the Bangladesh government should ask India to give compensation to the family. The 27 Rifles Battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Abdur Razzak Tarafdar, said Fenali’s killing by the BSF was not only a beach of international law but a gross violation of human rights and a display of barbaric inhumanity. The report recommended that the government should take steps to end such violations and that there should be an immediate protest against such incidents. The victim’s father Nurul Islam said that he had received the body but did not get back the gold ornaments she was had on when she was killed. Nurul Islam now wants to settle down in Bangladesh on the land left by his father and bring back his wife and other children from India. The Border Security Force on January 7 shot dead Felani after she got entangled in barbed-wire fence in the Phulbari border in Kurigram. Felani Begum, 15, was reportedly returning to Bangladesh with her father Nurul Islam Nuru, a resident of Dakkhin Ramkhana at Nageswari in Kurigram, from Delhi. Odhikar said the Indian guards kill one Bangladeshi every four Days!

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